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Today, the success and viability of projects in the car and household appliance industries, like most industries in general, depend on several key factors:

  • Increasingly shorter development periods
  • Greater technical sophistication
  • Streamlined costing
  • Optimum quality results

Based on its knowledge and expertise in the rapid development of MOULDS and on its permanent liaising with customers for gaining first-hand information on their needs and priorities (technical, financial, timeframes, quality, etc.), Ingemol provides a service right from the start designed to achieve their goals. This is underpinned by an overall track record dating back more than 20 years and an in-depth knowledge of the market and of the techniques and engineering required for providing the finest response to each project it undertakes.

The quick and successful development of new products requires pooling efforts and expertise in multiple areas. INGEMOL is a major partner for complementing the customer’s KNOW HOW by providing:

  • Cooperation in Studies and Design
  • Application of Product Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Achievement of Prototypes
  • Production of PROTOTYPE MOULDS
  • Production of LINE MOULDS
  • Manufacturing and, as appropriate, delivery of the Product

These services make INGEMOL a close ally to its CUSTOMERS, constituting a responsible support in the performance of the project and catering for the customer’s priority goals.