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INGEMOL is an engineering firm that specialises in MOULDS for PLASTIC INJECTION and INJECTED CASTING in (ALUMINIUM and ZAMAK) with over 20 years experience. Through the application of state-of-the-art technologies, it has mastered the following techniques:

- Design and development of plastic products
- Prototype moulds
- Line moulds
- End product

Providing all our customers with a comprehensive service from the drawing board right through to the mass production of the end product.

INGEMOL’s main aim is to achieve a FULL QUALITY process, whereby:

- It forestalls the problems that may arise regarding the parts to be produced
- It upholds the utmost quality in parts and moulds
- It fine-tunes the production cycle
- It posts competitive deadlines for the rapid endorsement of the mould and part
- It guarantees a long mould life

INGEMOL is in a position to supervise and undertake complete projects involving several moulds with timely delivery times that depend on the complexity of each project.

INGEMOL is fully responsible for each project, from the study and design stage through to the mass production of the moulds involved in the project, with the necessary technical support and coordination to ensure their utmost quality.

» Indicator part developed for Renault
» Detail of the Indicator Mould for Renault
INGEMOL manufactures moulds for leading brands